Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Aristophanes for Kindle, Mac, iPad, and PC

The following are
Free and Low-Price (about-a-buck) history books that you can download to your Kindle, PC, Mac, and other higher tech devices running the free Kindle Reading Software.

NOW please note that Kindle Software isn't just for the Kindle. Kindle software can be downloaded to all sorts of devices including PC's, Mac's, and other Apple devices like the iPad and iTouch.

You can download Kindle READING SOFTWARE:.
-- for MAC's
-- for PC's
-- for iPhones and iTouches
-- for iPads

Now here are the free books from Aristophanes:
(there are no reviews unless noted)

The Acharnians

The Birds

The Clouds (not available at present)

The Frogs -- [3 reviews at present; 5-Stars]

Ecclesiazusae or The Assemblywomen (not available at present)n

The Knights (not available at present)


Thesmophoriazusae or The Women Celebrating the Thesmophoria
The Wasps

The Eleven Comedies, Volume 1

The Eleven Comedies, Volume 2

(there are no reviews unless noted)

The Acharnians -- [99cents]
The Acharnians
-- [99cents]
The Acharnians -- [99cents]

THE CLOUDS -- [99cents]

THE CLOUDS -- [80cents]

THE FROGS -- [99cents]

-- [99cents]
Lysistrata -- [99cents]

Eleven Comedies of Aristophanes, with active table of contents, improved 5/30/2009
-- [99cents]
The Eleven Comedies of Aristophanes: Complete in One Volume** (Halcyon Classics) -- [99cents]
The Eleven Comedies** -- [95cents]

**The Eleven Comedies by Aristophanes. Should Include: Knights, Acharnaians, Peace, Lysistrata, The Clouds, The Wasps, The Birds, The Frogs, The Thesmophoriazusae, The Ecclesiazusae, and Plutus

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